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Book Review: Once Upon A First Love by Tope Omotosho

Book Review: Once Upon A First Love by Tope Omotosho

Once Upon A First Love is a beautifully crafted story on the positive and chaotic aspects of being in love. It is mainly centred on young individuals who try to find answers to different perturbing issues in their relationships and families. Such issues include the overwhelming power of a first love, the confusion between love and lust, love superseding religious sentiments and the prerequisites for a successful marriage.

It must be stated that this book will appeal mostly to Christians because of the numerous bible quotations and insightful details on Christianity that are included in it. Nevertheless, it remains a very educative and inspiring read for readers that are willing to be open-minded about our religious differences.

The storyline in the book also includes a distinct comparison between the love of God and the love of man. While the love of God is described as being selfless, sacrificial and infinite, the love of man can be cruel, selfish, materialistic and may actually fade with time.

This captivating story charges Christians to put God first before their passions, aspirations and achievements. And for those people who have faltered and have placed much importance on mundane things, their love for God has to be rekindled. In other words, the fire in the unique relationship between God and man must be kept burning at all times.

Therefore, I strongly recommend this book to people that feel separated from God because of different issues in their families and relationships, this book will surely point them in the right direction. Generally, it will teach people how to seek, find and continuously dwell in God’s love.

Review written by Promise

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