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An amalgam of a word that refers to the Fela's bent to stamp out ignorance and entrench cultural and critical knowledge in its place. Fela's song, "Who no know go know" captures this radical education. Felasophy forms the operating principle of Chimurenga a platform that attempts to dethrone ignorance and misinformation in Africa through various means. In line with the word Chimurenga, which means to fight or struggle in South Africa's Shona language, Chimurenga deploys the Chronic as a means to fight ignorance in Africa.


Chimurenga Chronic draws together a myriad of voices from across Africa and the diaspora. It is a platform for free ideas and political reflection about Africa.


The leader in this edition talks about Africa in relationship to global food sustainability. It intends to change the narrative that when it comes to Africa, talk of food always evokes images of deprivation, suffering and oppression.


In "Yahoo Boy No Laptop," Dami Ajayi charts the trajectory of Nigerian popular rap music as he zeroes in on Olamide's use of Yoruba language as a vehicle for his eclectic sound. Ajayi opines that by his insistent use of Yoruba, Olamide upturns the reign of American style lyrics and effectively entrenches a rap music that reflects on what it means to be Nigerian.


"How to Wear a Kitchen" witnesses Yemisi Aribisala as she ponders the small-minded commentary on the room best kept by woman as espoused on an international stage by Nigeria's head of state. She wonders if relegating woman to the kitchen defines her relevance; or perhaps such a call is indicative of the social and intellectual heft of the man from whom such a call issues. She argues that the kitchen and the other room is defined by patriarchal ethos; she advocates ways in which women can find social, cultural and strategic relevance.


This edition of Chimurenga Chronic offers a complete dose of literary, political and arts. This edition spans issues as diverse the history of Fufu pounding, a researcher's road tripl from Lagos to Senegal in search of the best Jollof rice, a history of creative instruction in Africa and current implications of past political events. This edition also comes with an accompanying workbook which features food recipes that have sustained happiness all over the continent.





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