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Leaving the Tarmac


About The Book 

Leaving the Tarmac is the most compelling business success story to come out of Africa. When Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede and his team bought Access Bank in 2002 it was one of the smallest and most crisis prone Banks in Nigeria. Their goal was to build it into one of the biggest and strongest banks in the country.

The resulting book reads like a financial thriller, while at the same time providing a detailed blueprint for how to create a sustainable business founded on excellence, how to build and lead a winning team and how to operate successfully in emerging markets. The author has written with stunning honesty about the set-backs as well as the triumphs that they met with along the way, providing an unrivalled insight for anyone planning to build a company or do business in the volatile but high-growth markets of modern Africa.


Release Date 25th March 2021

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