It is Time

It is Time

There are so many religions and so many methods of worship: Can we all be right? Can we all be wrong? Can only one be...

Author : Nigerian, Religious, Zeal Akaraiwe

Genre :Nigerian NonFiction

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There are so many religions and so many methods of worship: Can we all be right? Can we all be wrong? Can only one be right?

This book does not attack Christianity. I always clarify that. It aims to promote the PRACTICE of Christianity at the expense of the RELIGION of Christianity. Its a fine line, but easy to understand if you see that Christianity is a way of life and not an exclusive club of individuals.

For many years I went to church regularly and yet, sometimes I woke up feeling like nothing in the world made any sense. Everything seemed so complicated when it came to discussions on who was on the right path to worshipping God and whether or not my worship was acceptable to Him. I often wondered why God desired a relationship with me and yet, seemed to cloak Himself in impenetrable mystery. I couldnt make sense of why it was so much easier to go astray than to find Him until one morning when I felt the scales fall from my eyes. Every fibre of legacy knowledge Ive held from childhood was shaken and thrown down and replaced with an absolutely empty mind that God has been filling slowly. Emptiness had never felt so fulfilling, but now, it did.

I had not actually come to the realisation of my much sought after answers. On the contrary, I suddenly had the right questions. Those questions set me on a path that led me straight to the intentions of the Almighty. Everything suddenly made sense and this book attempts to share some of my realisations. I also attempt to take you on the same questioning journey Ive embarked on.

There are 3 cardinal things I believe you must appreciate in order to understand Gods intentions for mankind. In studying His word and seeking His face, all His intentions, actions and commands fulfill these 3 things.

Since the creation of man:

God has had one sole mission: RECONCILIATION

He has had only one obstacle to achieving that intention: SIN

He commands only one thing once the obstacle is surmounted: LOVE

If you truly seek Him with an open heart, then you will certainly find Him and thats a promise from Him, not me.